Saturday, February 24, 2018

Complete Soil Analysis

Pro-Gro provides complete soil analysis from independent labs.

High yields of top-quality crops require an abundant supply of essential nutrient elements.

A soil analysis is used to determine the level of nutrients found in a soil sample. As such, it can only be as accurate as the sample taken in a particular field. The results of a soil analysis provide the individual with an estimate of the amount of nutrients needed to supplement those in the soil.

Objectives of Soil Analysis

  • To provide an index of nutrient availability or supply in a given soil. The soil extract is designed to evaluate a portion of the nutrients from the same "pool" used by the plant.
  • To predict the probability of obtaining a profitable response to fertilizer application. Low analysis      soils may not always respond to fertilizer applications due to other limiting factors. However, the probability of a response is greater than on a high analysis soil.
  • To provide a basis for recommendations for a given crop.
  • To evaluate the fertility status of the soil and plan a nutrient management program.

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